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ALSTOM - MiCOM Alstom P594

MiCOM Alstom P594 GPS Synchronising Unit was originally designed to allow GPS-derived time synchronisation for the P543 to P546 Current Differential Relays when used in Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)/Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) or other switched communication networks.

Basic description:

  • Provides highly accurate GPS derived IRIG-B time synchronised outputs 
  • Supports both modulated and un-modulated IRIG-B, and pulse per hour, minute or second output relays 
  • Fibre outputs available for time-synchronising in the microsecond domain
  • The universal time synchronisation unit for the substation 
  • Synchronises sampling of PMUs for wide area applications 
  • Synchronises sampling of merging units in digital process bus architectures 
  • Synchronises current differential relays (P543, P544, P545, P546) when applied with SDH/SONET telecomms bearers having switched-path routing

Main characteristics:

  • Supports 4 pulse per second (PPS), 1 pulse per hour (PPH) and 1 pulse per minute (PPM) relay outputs 
  • ST fibre optic port suitable for use with 850nm multimode fibre 
  • Un-modulated IRIG-B available on either EIA422 (DB9 connector) or coaxial cable (BNC connector) 
  • Supplied with a choice of installation kits which include antenna, antenna cable, lightning arrester and mounting instructions 
  • Site survey function assists optimum antenna positioning

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