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Ali Haji Abdulla Awazi - Gargash L.L.C. (Gargash), first opened its doors for business in Dubai around 1940. It began its existence as a company dealing with the region's prime resource-oil, but steadily diversified and moved into the electrical service industry, which is its primary focus today. Gargash is deeply committed to the success of not only its clients, but also the communities in which it operates. The company is actively involved in these local communities - communities that its employees call home.

At the heart of all of Gargash's success is the commitment of its entire staff to provide exceptional customer service, while developing a relationship with clients that is built around honesty and trust. It has always been its goal to complete not just one project for a client, but to service all of their future electrical product and material requirements. Customer service at Gargash is given the highest priority, with the company committed to constantly improving every aspect of its operation. There 70 highly skilled and motivated staff employed within the electrical division, although the company also operates other facilities, either on its own or through partnership agreements, with a plant in Jebel Ali employing in excess of 300 people. Gargash employees are extremely loyal to the company, with team members staying an average of 15 years with the business, underlining its continuity and extensive resources, in terms of both people and equipment.

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